Exin DevOps Foundation Certification Exam: Step-by-Step Preparation Guide

Launch Your Career in DevOps with Exin DevOps Foundation Certification

Developing an application or software usually entails numerous steps, effort, and time. Companies hire DevOps Engineers to reduce the duration of the software development cycle. This role also facilitates better collaboration and unity between the operations and development teams. DevOps aims to enhance efficiency and improve product quality. To start a career in DevOps, the Exin DevOps Foundation certification is an essential first step for acquiring the necessary skills.

What Is EXIN DevOps Foundation Certification?

The EXIN DevOps Foundation (DEVOPSF) certification is designed to provide IT and business professionals with fundamental knowledge of DevOps. Serving as a precursor to the EXIN DevOps Professional certification, it validates an understanding of DevOps origins and the advantages of DevOps principles and practices for organizations.

5 Benefits of Earning EXIN DevOps Foundation Certification

The EXIN DevOps Foundation certification provides a range of benefits, including:

1. Greater Job Prospects

DevOps is a relatively new concept in the industry, and an increasing number of companies are adopting DevOps practices. There is a shortage of certified professionals with DevOps expertise to offer to organizations. The EXIN DevOps Foundation certification will broaden your scope as an IT professional, leading to enhanced job opportunities.

2. Superior Skills and Comprehension

The DevOps philosophy promotes a completely new approach to thinking and decision-making. It offers numerous business and technical benefits, which you will learn to implement within your organization. You will also learn to collaborate effectively in a team composed of cross-functional members, including QA professionals, developers, operations engineers, and business analysts.

3. Higher Earnings

A recent survey indicates that DevOps certified professionals rank among the highest earners in the IT industry. As DevOps adoption grows globally, the demand for these professionals is rising swiftly, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

4. Boosted Productivity and Effectiveness

Obtaining an EXIN DevOps Foundation (DEVOPSF) certification will elevate your productivity as an IT professional. In conventional IT settings, significant time is lost in waiting for others or software processes to complete. Enhancing workplace efficiency is a universal goal, and the frustration caused by idle waiting time is undeniable. Adopting DevOps practices eliminates this unproductive aspect of the job, allowing you to allocate more time to adding value to your company and supporting your team.

5. Add Value to Your Organization

By earning an EXIN DevOps Foundation certification, you can offer your organisation loads of measurable benefits. DevOps ideology promotes increased collaboration and communication between the operation and development teams. The frequency for release code that goes into production is increased due to a shorter development cycle. What took 3-6 months before, will take only a few hours with DevOps implementation. Defect detection will also become easy.

How to Pass EXIN DEVOPSF Exam?

Here are a few EXIN DevOps Foundation exam tips to assist you in your preparation and exam success:

1. Create a Study Plan

Begin by outlining a study strategy, taking into account your class material and the time remaining until the test. Prioritize tackling your weaker areas first and focus on topics that carry greater weight in the exam. By adhering to your plan, you're likely to maintain focus and avoid distractions. Starting early is crucial for success, so begin promptly and maintain momentum.

2. Become Familiar with the Exam Syllabus

These are the most important modules of the exam. The EXIN DevOps Foundation exam syllabus gives you a basic understanding of some essential DevOps terms. The following exam objectives are covered in the Exin DevOps Foundation exam syllabus:

  • DevOps basics (25%)

  • DevOps principles (27.5%)

  • DevOps key practices (27.5%)

  • Practical applications of DevOps (20%)

3. Explore Official Resources

To succeed in the Exin DevOps Foundation exam, it's essential to visit the official website. Here, you'll discover a wealth of resources including recommended books, training courses, and comprehensive information covering all aspects of the exam. This centralized hub offers everything necessary to adequately prepare for and pass the exam.

4. Get Hands-on Experience

Experiential learning stands as a crucial method in our learning process. Yet, the effectiveness of concepts grasped in the EXIN DevOps Foundation exam emerges through consistent practice. Mastery requires learners' readiness to employ various ideas, resources, and tools whenever feasible. Numerous tools exist to bolster the practice of DevOps as a unified discipline.

5. Take EXIN DevOps Foundation Practice Test

Practice tests serve as the litmus test to gauge readiness of candidates. The EXIN DevOps Foundation practice test aids candidates in identifying areas requiring improvement to successfully navigate the actual exam. CertFun provides affordable EXIN certification practice tests, pinpointing weaknesses in exam topics and enhancing confidence levels for the real exam.


Obtaining the EXIN DevOps Foundation certification may pose challenges, but its benefits are substantial. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to remain competitive and relevant in a highly competitive field, significantly enhancing your CV. While demanding and rigorous, this certification thoroughly prepares you for the industry landscape, increasing your value to employers and opening doors to better job prospects. In DevOps, thorough understanding of every concept is imperative, necessitating independent study, utilization of official resources, and engagement with CertFun's practice tests. A solid grasp of foundational concepts is paramount for honing sharp skills in this field.

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