Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Please follow the steps given below to access the Demo Certification Practice Exam:

1. Sign into (Registration and Login are required to access all the features of user membership).

Help - CertFun Login Page

2. Go to the relevant Certification Practice Exam page and click on "Try Online Exam" button.

Help - CertFun Product Page

3. Refer the Demo Certifications Practice Exam criteria. You will be asked to answer ten different questions with random answer options in the given time limit.

Help - CertFun Demo Exam Page

4. Click on "Start Exam" button to start the Demo Certification Practice Exam.

With the purchase of Premium  Certification Practice Exam, you get two months unlimited practice attempt access of following two practice exams.
  1. Full (NN question, MM hours)​
  2. Mini ((NN/2) questions, (MM/2) hour)
Both the exams randomly pick the questions from premium question bank which contains NNN+ questions. These exams are designed for your convenience and based on the availability of your time you can practice with any one of them. All the questions present in premium question bank will be covered in N practice exam attempts.
Our experts suggest scoring 100% in practice exam attempts which will help you to score more than 80% in your actual exam. Also, clear all your doubts/concepts from practice exam question answers, before going for the actual Certification Exam.
For more information, please refer the relevant Certification Practice Exam page.

The Premium Certification Practice Exams are available in the premium member's account. Please follow the steps given below:

1. Sign into (Login is required to access any premium product)

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2. Click on "My Premium Exams" option in User menu (Menu name starts with your username located in right side panel)

Help - CertFun My Premium Exams Page

We give a guarantee to return your full money back if you fail to clear your actual certification exam in the first attempt. Please refer the policies on 100% Money Back Guarantee page for more details.

If you find provided information incorrect/inappropriate or having any typo error, please write to us on with the following details. We will resolve your concern as early as possible on priority.

1. Exam Name and Exam Code

2. Question Text or Page Title or URL

3. Registered username and email address

Irrespective of geographical region or location, the Certification Exam Provider follows same exam pattern with the same question set for any certification exam. 

The Certification Exam Provider does not maintain different exam questions for the different geographical locations. For example, X certification exam conducted in the UK, US and INDIA may have the same/similar set of questions. Hence, our premium questions bank is very much valid for the users from all over the globe.


Please follow the steps given below to purchase the Premium Certification Practice Exam.

1. Sign into (Registration & Login is required to purchase any product)

Help - CertFun User Login Page

2. Open the Certification Practice Exam page which covers your Certification Exam and Clicks on "Buy Now" button.

Help - CertFun Practice Exam Page

3. Click on "Add To Cart" button to add the product to your shopping cart.

Help - CertFun Product Page

4. Click on "Checkout" button to proceed with the purchase.

Help - CertFun Add To Cart

5. Fill all your order details carefully (as you need to provide documents with same details for Money Back Guarantee) and click on "Review Order" button.

Help - CertFun Checkout Page 1

Help - CertFun Checkout Page 2

6. Review your order details and click on "Submit Order" button to make the payment.

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7. Make the payment on the payment page to complete this order (our payment gateway accepts payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, and Paypal).

8. You will be redirected back to on your order details page. You can also browse your order history under "<User Menu> → My account → Orders".

Help - CertFun Order History

9. Now you are all set to start practicing with Premium Certification Practice Exam under "<User Menu> → My Premium Exams".

Help - CertFun My Premium Practice Exams Page

You can continue to make your purchase using your Credit Card or Debit Card as normal, just proceed with one of the following methods.

1. Your financial institution/bank will make the conversion from your default currency to USD as per your bank's exchange rate on the day of the purchase. Your Credit Card or Debit Card statement may show a different purchase amount based on your default currency and any fees that your bank charges you for a conversion.

2. You can change the currency from USD to your local on payment gateway. The final amount in different currency includes conversions and exchange rates fees.

The displays the price in USD only and it does not include any other currency or current exchange rate.

The only charges you for the product you are purchasing, we do not charge you for currency conversions or exchange rate fees. The buyer is solely responsible for any fees relating to conversions and exchange rates charged by associated bank or payment gateway.

You can pay online using any Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal. You Credit Card or Debit Card must be allowed to do an international transaction. 

Yes, you will receive an immediate email confirmation re-stating the order details and welcoming you to the site. The order confirmation email is the only receipt you will receive. However, you do have access to previous invoices in "My account" section that you can print on demand.

Your information is 100% Secure with us!

We do not store any bank or personal identification information on our servers beyond your email address and account information provided by you during user registration.

Please refer the instructions below which are recommended by 2Checkout payment gateway support if "Authorization Failed: Do Not Honor" error occurs during a payment:

The reason for the message: The information passes the validation on 2Checkout end, and an actual authorization request is sent to the bank, but the bank is declining the authorization. The most common cause of this error is that the seller is located outside of the country that the bank is located in so the bank is considering it as an international transaction.

How to resolve the issue: Contact the bank and let them know that you want the transaction to go through (The bank will be able to see your authorization attempts) and then replace the order. If you're still receiving the same problems, then your purchase session is probably locked because of previous declines. You must wait for 30 minutes, use a different browser or clear your browser cookies and restart your browser so that a new purchase session is used when you're replacing the order.