Atlassian Jira Data Center and Server Administration (ACP-100) Certification Sample Questions

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Atlassian ACP-100 Sample Questions:

01. A team is splitting in two. One team will continue using project MIRO. The second team will use a new project ASTRO which was created with a shared configuration with MIRO. Now you need to meet other business requirements.
Which requirement necessitates creating a separate issue type scheme?
a) ASTRO tasks need to be dragged into MIRO epics on a common board.
b) ASTRO tasks need to require the Priority field. MIRO tasks do not.
c) ASTRO tasks should have an extra status in their workflow than MIRO tasks.
d) ASTRO tasks should have a different create screen than MIRO tasks.
e) ASTRO should disable sub-task creation while MIRO should continue to allow it.
02. New employee Roger complains that he receives too many Issue Updated notifications in the DEV project. Roger is neither a Jira administrator nor a project administrator in DEV.
Which two adjustments can Roger make to remedy this problem?
(Choose two.)
a) Disable his Autowatch preference setting.
b) Change the Email Type preference setting.
c) Set "Sharing" preference setting to "Unshared".
d) Set "My Changes" preference setting to "Do not notify me".
e) Remove himself from the Issue Updated event notification.
f) Unsubscribe from issue subscriptions.
03. You need to create a filter based on a custom date field called Revisit. The filter must return issues where Revisit date has already passed as well as issues where Revisit date is before the end of the next day. Identify the correct JQL statement.
a) Revisit <= now() AND Revisit <= 24h
b) Revisit <= now(1d)
c) Revisit <= now(24h)
d) Revisit >= startofday() OR Revisit >= endOfDay(-1)
e) Revisit <= now() OR Revisit <= endOfDay(1)
04. Frank needs to clean up a large project. Most issues have recent activity. But there are also hundreds of unresolved issues. He needs to see a graphic display of issues created each month, and how many of those created issues are still unresolved.
Which gadget is ideal for this purpose?
a) Activity Stream
b) Created vs. Resolved Chart
c) Filter Results
d) Recently Created Chart
e) Average Age Chart
f) Resolution Time
05. PRM project tracks improvements related to your products. In the past, customers had to be in the "PRM-viewers" group, in order to see them. But they frequently logged in only once and crowded the Jira Internal Directory.
Now you want them to be able to view improvements anonymously. Identify the appropriate setting change.
a) Change the Mode setting in General Configuration.
b) Modify the setting "Sharing with anyone on the web."
c) Grant permission to a group in Browse Projects permission.
d) Reorder the user directories.
e) Delete PRM-viewers group from Jira Internal Directory.
06. You associated your project with a new priority scheme. OLD Priority Scheme: High, Medium (Default), Low NEW Priority Scheme: P1, P2, P3, P4 Identify what else may need to be updated as a direct result.
a) field configuration where priority was required
b) default values in field context
c) issue collectors using a custom template
d) post functions in workflow
e) statistics gadgets based on priority
07. You must meet two requirements in the SUPPORT project:
- Notify Martin only during the workflow transition to Escalated
- Do not notify Martin about any other issue updates or status changes in the project.
Identify the configuration that definitely meets both requirements.
a) Create a custom event.
List Martin only in this event in the notification scheme.
Configure the transition to fire this event.
b) Remove Martin from all notification events.
Create a custom project role for Martin.
Add a User Is In Project Role condition to the transition.
c) Enter Martin into the Generic Event in the notifications scheme.
Configure the transition to fire the Generic Event.
Remove Martin from the other notification events.
d) Create a custom event listing Martin.
Create a post function to fire the custom event.
Tell Martin to set ""Do not notify me"" on his user profile.
08. You are asked to review a set of requirements for a new Jira Software instance. You need to determine whether each requirement can be met in either a Data Center or Cloud environment or only in one of them.
Identify the requirement that can only be met only in a Cloud site.
a) ability for users to change their Autowatch preferences
b) ability for Jira administrators to disable sub-tasks globally
c) ability for project administrators to add their own custom fields to a project
d) ability to set package logging levels
e) ability to integrate with Confluence
09. You have just received a list of requirements for modifications to Jira. Any change that may impact the index needs to be delayed until the weekend. One modification on that list definitely does not impact the index. Identify that modification.
a) rename a workflow status
b) hide the Priority in a field configuration
c) create a Select List custom field
d) change the search template for a Select List custom field
10. Currently, there are 25 options available for the Resolution field when closing issues in the DEV project. You need to make a configuration change so that only 3 options are available when closing DEV issues but all 25 remain for other projects.
Which configuration must be modified?
a)Status Property
b) Transition Property
c) Post Function
d) Transition Screen
e) Field Configuration
f) Field Context


Question: 01
Answer: e
Question: 02
Answer: a, d
Question: 03
Answer: e
Question: 04
Answer: d
Question: 05
Answer: c
Question: 06
Answer: d
Question: 07
Answer: a
Question: 08
Answer: c
Question: 09
Answer: a
Question: 10
Answer: b

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