Atlassian Jira Cloud Administration Exam Syllabus

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The Atlassian Jira Cloud Administration certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who want to build their career in Cloud domain. The Atlassian Certified Professional - Jira Cloud Administrator (ACP-JCA) exam verifies that the candidate possesses the fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of Atlassian Jira Cloud Administrator.

Atlassian Jira Cloud Administration Exam Summary:

Exam Name Atlassian Certified Professional - Jira Cloud Administrator (ACP-JCA)
Exam Code ACP-120
Exam Price $250 (USD)
Duration 180 mins
Number of Questions 75
Passing Score 64%
Books / Training Jira Administration for Cloud (ACP-120) Certification Prep Course
Managing Permissions in Jira Cloud
Customizing Jira Workflows
Jira Automation for Admins
JQL for Admins
Working with Jira System Fields
Schedule Exam Certmetrics
Sample Questions Atlassian Jira Cloud Administration Sample Questions
Practice Exam Atlassian ACP-120 Certification Practice Exam

Atlassian ACP-120 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic Details Weights
User Features - Translate business requirements into appropriate JQL queries
- Manage shared filters and dashboards and identify the outcome of filter subscription configurations
- Describe the results and implications of a bulk change operation
Configuring Global Settings and User Communications - Modify Jira general configuration settings according to requirements (look and feel options, default language, user default settings, system dashboard)
- Given a scenario, determine changes to attachment options, issue links, and time tracking
Product and Project Access and Permissions - Demonstrate understanding of Jira Cloud user management
- Determine appropriate administrator privileges
- Configure product access, groups, roles, project and global permissions
- Troubleshoot product access, groups, roles, project and global and permissions
- Determine the impact of removing or suspending user access and deleting groups
- Recognize the impacts of changes and configurations available to Jira’s user default settings and personal settings
- Configure and troubleshoot issue-level security
General Project Configuration - Describe how to manage general project configurations (e.g. project details, project sidebar)
- Determine project configuration based on business requirements (modifying an existing project, creating a project from shared configurations or a project template)
- Describe how versions are managed in Jira
- Determine how to create and configure project components and auto-assignment
  • Describe the features of a team-managed project
  • Given requirements determine whether to use a company-managed or team-managed project
Issue Types, Fields and Screens - Implement changes to statuses, resolutions, priorities, translations, issue types and sub-tasks
  • For company-managed projects, identify the appropriate issue type configurations to satisfy business requirements

- Determine the impacts of modifying or moving active issue types and schemes

  • For company-managed projects, determine the correct configuration of a field, considering field context, field configuration (scheme) and screens (schemes)
  • For company-managed projects, troubleshoot the correct configuration of a field, considering field context, field configuration (scheme) and screens (schemes)
Workflows and Automation - Determine an appropriate workflow configuration for company-managed projects
- Troubleshoot workflow configurations
- Configure and troubleshoot automation rules
Notifications and Email - Given business requirements, recommend the appropriate project notifications including events
- Troubleshoot issues with notifications including events
- Identify and troubleshoot the configuration of an incoming mail handler
Administering and Extending Jira - Demonstrate how to appropriately configure issue collectors
- Describe methods for backing up and restoring content

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