Atlassian Jira Cloud Administration (ACP-120) Certification Sample Questions

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Atlassian ACP-120 Sample Questions:

01. Which configurations do NOT have any impact on email notifications sent to users?
a) workflow post functions
b) version configuration
c) custom events
d) permission schemes
e) saved filters
02. Ann is a Jira administrator of one site within your Atlassian organization. What can Ann do?
a) She can add other Jira admins to the site.
b) She can add other org admins to the site.
c) She can add admin users to roles on the site.
d) She can add non-admin users to the site.
e) She can add other admins to groups on the site.
03. A team frequently uses a filter to show issues from both a team-managed and a company-managed project. The filter query is shown: Project IN (NG, CLS) AND Resolution = Done AND status = Done Stories from the team-managed project unexpectedly dropped out of the filter.
Identify a possible root cause.
a) The Done status was renamed through the Statuses page.
b) The Done resolution was renamed in the team-managed project.
c) The Done resolution is no longer being set in the team-managed project.
d) The Done status was renamed in the team-managed workflow.
04. Martin is working on a story. All of a sudden, the links to all four tasks related to the story disappear. All issues, including the story and the four tasks, are tracked in multiple projects and are still accessible to Martin in the system.
Identify two possible explanations.
(Choose two.)
a) Link Issues permission was revoked for Martin.
b) The links to the tasks were deleted.
c) Issue linking was disabled globally
d) A security level on the tasks excludes Martin.
e) Browse Projects permission was revoked for Martin.
05. A team in your company requests for a new Jira project that fulfils the following requirements:
- Ability to work on issues in weekly iterations
- Allows the project administrators to create their own fields
The project should fulfil these requirements right after creation without the need to enable additional features. Which project should you create?
a) company-managed project with Kanban template
b) company-managed project with Scrum template
c) team-managed project with Kanban template
d) project with shared configuration
e) team-managed project with Scrum template
06. Your Jira instance has a Select List custom field named Application, which lists all the Atlassian offerings. You need to write a JQL query that shows all issues due within the next month for Jira, Trello, and Jira Align applications.
Which query will satisfy the requirement?
a) Application IN (Jira, Trello, "Jira Align") AND duedate >= startOfMonth(1) AND duedate <= endOfMonth(1)
b) Application IN (Jira, Trello, "Jira Align") AND (duedate >= startOfMonth(1) OR duedate <= endOfMonth(1))
c) Application IN (Jira, Trello, Jira Align) AND (duedate >= startOfMonth(1M) AND duedate<= endOfMonth(1M))
d) (Application = "Jira" OR Application = "Trello" OR Application = "Jira Align") AND duedate >= startOfMonth(1m) AND duedate <= endOfMonth(1m)
e) Application = "Jira" OR Application = "Trello" OR Application = "Jira Align" AND duedate >= startOfMonth(1) OR duedate <= endOfMonth(1)
07. Two teams have been working together in a single company-managed Software project. Now, they want to split their work into two distinct projects.
For each requirement, you must decide whether you can use shared schemes for the two projects or if unique schemes must be created.
Which three requirements allow for the use of shared schemes?
(Choose three.)
a) A different set of users should be able to assign issues.
b) The projects must send notifications from different email addresses.
c) The Affects versions field must be hidden for one of the projects.
d) A custom field must offer different options in one of the projects.
e) A sub-task issue type needs to be named differently in one of the projects.
08. Your management team needs to see a list of only those issues that were resolved in the previous week, from Sunday to Saturday. The list needs to be sent to them each week on Tuesdays. You plan to create a saved filter and filter subscription to do this.
Which JQL query will return the correct results?
a) resolved >= endOfWeek(-1)
b) resolved >= startOfWeek(-1) AND resolved < startOfWeek()
c) status changed TO Resolved BEFORE startOfWeek()
d) resolved >= startOfDay(-7) AND resolved < startOfDay()
e) resolved <= endOfWeek()
09. Which statement is true about Jira Cloud user management?
a) Approved domains always apply to all products on a site.
b) Invitation links are generated for all products on a site.
c) Default groups always apply to all products on a site.
d) Org admins can see all products on a site.
10. Currently, several groups and project roles are listed in every system event of the DEV Notification Scheme and should remain that way.
A new requirement states that when DEV issues move from the status Open to status Assigned, only Project Role (Managers) should be notified.
DEV project does not share any of its schemes. Identify the event that needs to be configured.
a) Custom event
b) Issue Moved
c) Issue Assigned
d) Work Started On Issue
e) Issue Updated
f) Generic Event


Question: 01
Answer: b
Question: 02
Answer: c
Question: 03
Answer: d
Question: 04
Answer: b, c
Question: 05
Answer: e
Question: 06
Answer: a
Question: 07
Answer: a, b, d
Question: 08
Answer: b
Question: 09
Answer: d
Question: 10
Answer: a

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